Preservation, Inc. monitors surface water quality in agricultural
areas throughout the Central Coast in compliance with the RWQCB Ag

Ag Order:  Central Coast Water Quality Preservation, Inc. (Preservation, Inc.) has
been designated by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB)
as the non-profit entity formed to conduct the Cooperative Monitoring Program for
surface water (CMP) in accordance with Order No. R3-2012-0011, the Conditional
Waiver of Waste Discharger Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands, and
the Monitoring and Reporting Program (collectively the Ag Order).  When a farm, or
agricultural company, electronically files the
Notice of Intent in compliance with the
Ag Order they can elect to participate in the CMP.  Over 99% of the farms have
elected to participate in the CMP.

CMP:  The Ag Order requires every enrolled grower to conduct surface water quality
monitoring.  Farmers have the option of either conducting their own individual
monitoring or participating in the Cooperative Monitoring Program (CMP) managed by
Preservation, Inc.  Preservation, Inc. monitors 50 sites throughout the Central Coast
Region.  Preservation, Inc. deals with the regulators on CMP issues on behalf of the
participating growers.  CMP data are reported to RWQCB and available on the CCAMP

Bills for Participation:  Preservation, Inc. mails all growers who elected to
participate in the CMP invoices for their share of the cost in December each year,
which are due on January 20th.  For more information click on the
2015 CMP Fee
Schedule link.

Surface Water Only:  Preservation, Inc. does not conduct groundwater monitoring
for farmers.
Central Coast Water
Quality Preservation, Inc.
"Preservation, Inc."

Managing Central Coast Agriculture's Cooperative
Monitoring Program for Surface Water since 2005