What is the Cooperative Monitoring Program?  Preservation Inc. is
responsible for the implementation and management of the Cooperative
Monitoring Program (CMP) throughout the Central Coast, from Santa Cruz to
Santa Barbara, including San Benito and Southern Santa Clara Counties.  The
Regional Water Quality Control Board (Region 3) has defined the CMP to

    Short Term Objectives: 1) Assess status of surface water quality and
    associated beneficial uses in agricultural areas (monitor water quality), 2)
    Identify problem areas associated with agricultural activities, where
    Basin Plan objectives are not met or where beneficial uses are impaired,
    3) Conduct focused monitoring to further characterize problem areas and
    to better understand sources of impairment, and 4) Provide feedback to
    growers in problem areas.

    Long Term Objective: Track changes in water quality and beneficial
    use support over time.

Where do you monitor?  Preservation, Inc. monitors surface water at over
50 sites spread throughout the Central Coast.  
Click on this link to download a
map showing all of the sites monitored.
Cooperative Monitoring
Program for Surface