Cooperative Monitoring Program
for Surface Water (CMP)
2015 Participation Fee Schedule
  2015 Fee Schedule

   Fees are the sum of the following less 25%   (sum x .75)
   This results in a 33% reduction from 2014 CMP fees

Monitoring Fee
    Type 1        Irrigated Acres Total
        $2.00 per acre (as shown in eNOI)
    Type 2        Off Property Tailwater Acres an additional
        $2.00 per acre (as shown in eNOI)

Annual Administrative Fee per operator
Number of Acres per eNOI         
    50 acres or less                $50.00
    51 acres to 499 acres        $1.00/acre
    500 or more acres $500.00 plus $.20/acre over 500 acres

State Board Fee        $0.75 per irrigated acre as follows:
    $0.75 per acre of irrigated land per eNOI.  This is a straight
    pass through to the State Board, plus a 3¢ per acre to
    Preservation, Inc. for administrative costs
    2015 CMP Fees
         Ag Order

Growers who enrolled in the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) Ag Order and elected to participate in the CMP (99%
of all growers elected to participate in the CMP) will receive an invoice for participation in December, 2014, which is due on January 20, 2015.

                           Participation Fees for 2015 are 33% less than 2014 fees.

The CMP Participation Fees cover the administrative and technical costs of monthly sampling, analyzing and reporting water quality at over 50 sites
in agricultural areas in the Central Coast.  The Ag Order requires additional monitoring once every five years at each site, which was completed in
2014, so our expenses are lower this year and next.  Also our revenues for the past two years exceeded projections as more acres participated in
the program and many of the monitoring sites were dry due to the drought, which allowed us to further reduce the fees in 2015 and 2016.  Fees are
reviewed annually by the Ag Committee, 14 farmers representing every county in the region.  This year the Ag Committee recommended to the
CCWQP Board that the fees should be reduced by 33% from last year.  

State Penalty for Failure to pay CMP:  When you pay Preservation, Inc. (Preservation, Inc.) for 2014 it includes the State Fee of 75¢/acre which
we remit to the State Water Board.  This is a Tier 1 (unrelated to the Ag Order tier scheme) fee assessment.  If an enrolled grower does not pay
Preservation, Inc. the CMP fee when billed, the grower will be billed in June directly by the State at the Tier 3 rate and will still owe the CMP fee.  
The Ag Order requires growers to either participate in the CMP and pay the Tier 1 fee or conduct individual surface water monthly monitoring and
also pay the Tier 3 fee.  The State Fee structure for 2013-2014 is:
    Tier 1
    $100 (paid by Preservation, Inc.) plus $0.75 per acre (paid by grower)

    Tier 3 (paid by grower only)
    0-10 Acres             $404 plus $13.50 per acre               
    11-100 Acres       $1,084 plus $6.70 per acre            
    101-500 Acres     $3,033 plus $3.40 per acre             
    501 or more         $6,733 plus $2.70 per acre              

Tier 3 is a punitive tier which only applies if the State Fee is not paid through Preservation, Inc. with the CMP fee.  Almost 300 growers in the
Central Coast received Tier 3 bills from the State Water Board in 2013.  In every case it would have been far cheaper to pay the CMP fees first and
avoid the Tier 3 bill altogether (see below).  The State Board will send Tier 3 bills in 2014 to growers who do not pay the CMP fee before April 1,

2015 CMP Invoice:  Preservation, Inc. Mailed the 2015 invoice for CMP participation to enrolled growers in December, 2014, for payment before
January 20, 2015.
Verify your account:  Please make sure your company’s billing address, farms and acreage are correct in the Regional Water Board’s eNOI
database found at  You can use your
password to access your account to verify that the information is correct.  The RWQCB provides the eNOI information on billing addresses, farm
acreage and tailwater acres to Preservation, Inc. to prepare the annual CMP participation invoice in December.

Termination:  If your company ceased farming altogether (
/docs/resources4growers/not_operation.pdf ), or stopped farming a particular parcel (
gov/centralcoast/water_issues/programs/ag_waivers/docs/resources4growers/not_ranch_farm.pdf) it is necessary to correct this online on the
eNOI database and to mail a termination form to the RWQCB.

Questions:  If you have any questions please contact Kirk Schmidt, Preservation, Inc. Executive Director, .        
Farm Size
CMP - All Fees
State Fees
Tier 3
5 Acres
$ 47.93
400 Acres
$ 1,134.00
$ 4,053.00
1000 Acres
$ 2,535.00
$ 8,083.00
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2014 CMP Fee Schedule
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