Preservation, Inc

Central Coast Water Quality Preservation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation founded by
farmers to operate the CMP on behalf of irrigated agriculture on the Central Coast of
California. Preservation, Inc. is recognized as an I.R.C. §501(c)(3) non-profit by the
Internal Revenue Service.

Preservation, Inc. was formed to fulfill the grower community’s need to comply with
the requirements of the Central Coast Regional Water Board’s Conditional Waiver of
Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands adopted by the
Regional Water Board in July 2004, as revised in March 2012.  The Conditional Waiver
impacts growers and landowners in the Central Coast Region, including portions of
San Mateo County and all of Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey, San Luis
Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties.   The Preservation, Inc. Board of Directors
receives advice from the Ag Committee as representative of area growers and a
standing committee of Preservation, Inc. regarding policy issues and setting the annual
CMP participation fee..  Our Board of Directors are all volunteers with a history in
local agriculture.  Eleven members of the Board of Directors represent the wide array
of agricultural interests throughout the Central Coast.
Preservation, Inc
  • Staff
  • Board Members
  • Ag Committee Members
Kirk Schmidt
, Executive Director,
Sarah Lopez, Technical Program Manager
Leila Salas, Bookkeeper, (831) 761-8644, or fax (831) 761-8695

Preservation, Inc. Board Members          (county)  {term expires}
    Kevin Merrill, President                 (Santa Barbara)    {2016}
    Craig Reade, Secretary                 (Santa Barbara)     {2015}
    Tom AmRhein, Treasurer             (Santa Cruz)        {2016}
    Bob Martin                                  (Monterey)           {2015}
    Dennis Sites                                (Monterey)           {2016}
    April Mackie                               (Monterey)           {2017}
    Dennis Lebow                             (Monterey)           {2016}
    Paul Hain                                    (San Benito)         {2015}
    Don Hordeness                            (Santa Clara)        {2015}
        vacant                               (San Luis Obispo) {2017}
    Tim Frahm                                 (San Mateo)         {2017}

    Ex Officio Dirk Giannini, Ag Committee Co-Chair  
                   George Adam, Ag Committee Co-Chair
Ag Committee

County                                          Organization
Monterey (5)                                      
Dirk Giannini, Co-Chair                   Monterey Farm Bureau
Benny Jefferson                             Salinas River Coalition
Ken Higashi                                   Grower Shipper Association
Keith Roberts                                 Salinas Valley Water Coalition
Roger Moitoso                               Vintners & Growers
San Benito (2)                                                
Paul Hain, Co-Chair                        San Benito Farm Bureau
Richard Bianchi                              San Benito Farm Bureau
Santa Cruz (2)
John Eiskamp                                 Santa Cruz Farm Bureau
Tom Rider                                      Santa Cruz Farm Bureau
Santa Clara (2)                
Don Hordness                                 Santa Clara Farm Bureau
Pete Aiello                                      Santa Clara Farm Bureau
San Luis Obispo (2)                                
Joy Fitzhugh                                   San Luis Obispo Farm Bureau
Vacant                                           SLO Farm Bureau
San Mateo (2)                                                               
Tim Frahm                                      San Mateo Farm Bureau
Vacant                                            San Mateo Farm Bureau
Santa Barbara (3)
George Adam,  Co-Chair                   Grower Shipper Santa Maria