When will growers be able to enroll with Preservation, Inc.?

98% of Central Coast ag acres are already enrolled in Preservation, Inc’s surface water Cooperative Monitoring Program (CMP), and most members are current on their dues for 2023.   For these members, no additional enrollment actions are needed for 2023.  Please check the enrollment page (https://ccwqp.org/how-to-enroll/) for updates on enrollment for 2023.

How will growers know when they can enroll (communication channels)?

Please check the enrollment page (https://ccwqp.org/how-to-enroll/) for updates on enrollment for 2023.  In addition, Preservation, Inc. will contact all members directly via email and/or postal mailing. We generally expect enrollment to take place in December for the upcoming year, as has been our process historically.

What will it cost to join the Third Party (i.e. Preservation, Inc.) for future years?

We anticipate that Third Party costs for existing programs (i.e. surface water CMP and State Fee collection) will remain similar to prior years.  In October and November of 2021, Preservation, Inc. and the Ag Committee will set fees for new programs that will begin in 2022.   Please see above answer, and check our website for fee updates.

Am I a current member (in good standing)?

If you paid the 2023 invoice sent out December last year (2022) you are in good standing. If you still are not sure, please email (Support@ccwqp.org) or call the support line (831-240-9533) so we can look up your membership status (need your AW #).  If you did NOT make a payment to Preservation, Inc. for 2023, then you are not a current member-in-good-standing and should expect to receive a higher, individual-rate invoice from the State Water Board if you haven’t already.

How can a grower renew their Third-Party membership for 2023 if they did not complete the required well sampling for 2022?

Growers who, at the Operation (AW) level, made no attempt to sample wells in 2022 cannot restore their membership with Preservation, Inc. until they complete well sampling in 2023.  Once they are compliant with the 2023 well sampling requirement AND have paid their individual-rate State Fees, we will invoice them for 2023 Participation Fees only.  Once they pay that invoice, their membership will be restored.

An oversight has caused me to miss joining Preservation, Inc. and the CMP, and I have received a very high, individual-rate invoice from the State Water Board. Can I join Preservation, Inc now, or retroactively?

Generally yes, you can re-join Preservation, Inc. by paying back all unpaid years’ fees. However the State Board may or may not entertain a request to cancel your higher individual-rate invoice(s) from earlier year(s).

Important information needed to retroactively join CCWQP:
CCWQP will need your AW number, and for you to confirm that you have access to your eNOI/GeoTracker account (accessed via the Water Board’s website), and that your Operation Contact Info (especially mailing address) is all correct.  All of our members must also/first be enrolled directly with the Water Board (via the eNOI).  In order to avoid duplicative enrollment processes and ensure regulatory continuity, CCWQP’s program relies on that eNOI enrollment info for things like your operation name, acreage, location, and contact info.

Am I current on my well sampling, and do I need to sample my wells this year (2023)?

In 2022, Ag Order 4.0 required well sampling for all domestic-only and dual-purpose wells, and primary irrigation wells. This will be required again in 2023.

All Third-Party members are required to have well sampling completed by one of the labs contracted by Preservation, Inc. 

As a member of the Third Party, how will I submit my TNA report(s)?

Preservation, Inc. members will submit their report(s) to Preservation, Inc. in February of each year, using one of two specified templates, depending on their preference.  All templates are available now on our TNA web page.  

Preservation, Inc. will then validate and compile all member TNA reports for batch-delivery to the Region 3 Water Board. 

What if I prefer to submit my TNA report directly to the Region 3 Water Board?

The Region 3 Water Board does not allow growers to submit pre-filled TNA reports.  To submit directly to the Water Board, you must log into GeoTracker and hand-enter your data into their web forms.  You must pre-calculate all required sums on your own, and you must complete the form in a single sitting (i.e. you cannot save a partially completed form and come back to it later).  Please note that one of Preservation, Inc.’s available templates is an exact replica of the Water Board’s web forms, but also provides calculation support, can be saved and completed later, and does not require hand-entry of data that is already stored in a spreadsheet by growers.

Contact Info

  • PO Box 2227
    Watsonville, CA 95077
  • 831-761-8644 (phone)
  • 831-761-8695 (fax)
For a full list of contacts please
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