Guidance for Slope Calculations and Domestic Well Notifications

When updating your eNOI (see prior News Item), you will encounter the question, “What is the highest percent slope of the irrigated acres on the ranch?”. A guidance document on calculating slope was circulated by the Water Board via email on September 7th.  The guidance document is not currently posted on the Water Board’s website, but you can request it from:

Generally, to calculate your ranch’s slope, you should identify the highest elevation point and lowest elevation point on your ranch, and the distance in between:

SLOPE = {(Max Elevation – Min Elevation)/Distance Between} x 100

If you have a more complex ranch and are having difficulty applying the Slope calculation or interpreting the Water Board’s guidance document, please contact the Water Board staff at

When updating your eNOI, you will also encounter a section regarding Drinking Water Notification Confirmation. Under Ag Order 4.0, notifications to well users must be issued EVERY YEAR. However, since no well monitoring was required in 2021, there is nothing to report on this year’s eNOI.  If you have concerns about answering “No” or “N/A” in this section of the eNOI form, you should email to request written confirmation that these responses are acceptable.

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