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Surface Water CMP Enrollment

To enroll in the surface water CMP, you need to first be enrolled in the Central Coast Water Board’s Agricultural Order. The “Enroll Link” button below will take you to the Water Board’s enrollment site (eNOI). As you enroll, be sure to select the “Cooperative Monitoring” option. Upon successful enrollment, the Water Board will issue your operation an AW Number and add it to the list of operations eligible to join the CMP. Also as you enroll, be sure to enter good contact information and keep it up-to-date, especially your mailing address. We will use this contact information to invoice you for CMP participation.

Your compliance point for CMP participation is paying your annual invoice; non-payment of CMP fees is viewed by the Central Coast Water Board as failure to participate in monitoring. Also when you pay your CMP fees, we collect and pay a reduced State Water Board administrative fee on your behalf (included in your CMP invoice). If you fail to pay your CMP invoice, the State Water Board will issue your operation an individual invoice at a much higher rate. At that point CCWQP cannot reinstate you. You will need to contact the Central Coast Water Board and possibly the State Water Board as well to get back into administrative compliance and either pay the higher State invoice or appeal to have it reduced. At that point they will notify us that you are eligible to re-join the CMP. Back-payment for any unpaid prior years is required for reinstatement.

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