Enrolling with Preservation, Inc.

About 98% of irrigated agricultural operators and acreage are already enrolled in Preservation, Inc.’s Surface Water Cooperative Monitoring Program (or CMP).  If you are a grower reading this, you are very likely already enrolled for calendar year 2024.  In other words, you are probably already a Third Party member for the purposes of Surface Water monitoring and reporting.

Preservation, Inc.’s new Third Party programs for Groundwater Monitoring and Irrigation/Nutrient Management began in 2022. To enroll, simply pay (on time) the invoice that we sent via US Mail on November 15th, 2023. Payment is due no later than January 10th, 2024.

To re-join the program after falling out of good standing, please contact us.

Please visit our “Fees” and “Member Responsibilities” pages to learn more about 2024 program costs and member obligations.

Enrolling in the ILRP

To enroll Preservation, Inc’s Third Party programs, you must first be enrolled in the Central Coast Water Board’s Agricultural Order (also called the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program, or ILRP). The “ILRP Enrollment Page” button below will take you to the Water Board’s enrollment site. The enrollment form is also called the eNOI (Electronic Notice Of Intent). Upon successful enrollment, the Water Board will provide you with two types of identifying numbers:

  • AW Number, which is a unique identifier for your Operation
  • Gobal ID (aka AGL Number), which is a unique identifier for every Ranch that you operate.

You will need your AW Number, and the Global IDs (AGL Numbers) for all ranches that you operate, in order to enroll in Preservation, Inc’s Third Party programs. Again, these numbers are issued by the Water Board when you enroll in the ILRP.

The Central Coast Water Board requires growers to update their eNOI information within 60 days of any changes to that information. 

Note: If you are already enrolled in the ILRP but have forgotten your GeoTracker password, please click “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?” Do NOT click the “Request a User Account” link, as this is only for brand new enrollments. If you are still unable to login, please contact AgNOI@waterboards.ca.gov to request assistance. 

Contact Info

  • PO Box 2227
    Watsonville, CA 95077
  • 831-761-8644 (phone)
  • 831-761-8695 (fax)
For a full list of contacts please
visit our contact page.

Latest News

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