To enroll or terminate enrollment in the Central Coast Agricultural Order, you will need to start from the Water Board’s website.  Use the enroll link button. To enroll in the CMP (surface water Cooperative Monitoring Program, managed by CCWQP), you will need to select the “cooperative monitoring” option during your Ag Order enrollment with the Water Board.  At that point, your contact information will be provided to CCWQP and you will be invoiced for the current or upcoming year.

If you receive a notice (or bill) from the State or Regional Water Board for failure to participate in monitoring, CCWQP cannot reinstate you.  You will need to contact the Central Coast Regional Water Board to first get back into administrative compliance, at which point they will notify CCWQP that you are eligible to re-join (or join for the first time) and then CCWQP can provide an invoice.  Back-payment for any unpaid prior years is required for reinstatement.