Member Responsibilities

In addition to paying annual program fees, members will have the following obligations in 2024:

  1. Submit Total Nitrogen Applied (TNA) report through Preservation, Inc. More information.
  2. Schedule and pay for Irrigation and (if applicable) Domestic &/or Dual-Purpose Well sampling. More information.
  3. Maintain correct/current contact information (email, phone, and mailing address) in your GeoTracker eNOI form. If you fail to receive (and do not pay) your Preservation, Inc. invoice due to outdated contact information in your eNOI form, you will be assessed individual-tier State Fees by the State Water Board at $35.45/acre.  The Water Boards are no longer honoring appeals of these higher-rate State Fee invoices, when the cause is outdated grower contact information.

* Some Ag Order requirements continue to apply individually to all growers, for example updating your Annual Compliance Form in GeoTracker, and maintaining and implementing the management practices in your Farm Water Quality Management Plan. The Water Board now has an Interactive Requirements Checklist if you are unsure of what kind of reporting is required for your operation. 

*In future years, additional fees and member responsibilities will likely apply to ranches located in high-priority (i.e. highly impaired) surface and groundwater basins. 

Contact Info

  • PO Box 2227
    Watsonville, CA 95077
  • 831-761-8644 (phone)
  • 831-761-8695 (fax)
For a full list of contacts please
visit our contact page.

Latest News

Video replay of Member Workshops

Preservation, Inc. held three member workshops in November and December this year, with information on upcoming 2022 Third Party programs, fees, and member responsibilities.  You can view the video...
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